10 Skills for Next 10 Years

People talk about the future a lot. Especially in the last couple of years. And whenever you hear them talking, they talk about crypto and augmented reality. Or they exchange ideas about new technology that’s going to change the world. No one talks about us and our future. Everyone talks about how many jobs won’t exist in the next 10 years. But they never say anything about what we can do about it. No one wants to think about the worst scenario, of course. But we need to know what we can do. And the best thing we can do when it comes to the next 10 years is to develop as humans. We need to work on skills that make us human beings different than robots. 


One of the most important skills we can develop as humans is to learn how to communicate. Everyone can talk, but not everyone knows how to communicate well. And this is mostly because no one listens to each other. Everyone waits their turn to talk again. This is a big problem. And the more people understand this, the more we can do to change this. People need to practice how to listen to the people they’re talking to. This means we need to start thinking about other people as well. Don’t go to grab a coffee with a friend only to talk about all the bad things that happened to you. If you do it once, it becomes a habit. And you don’t want that to happen. That’s too much negativity, and people will be able to sense that. That means that they will most likely spend less time with you. And you will attract more people that also spread negativity. But that will only make you more miserable. So don’t do it. Practice spreading positivity and listening to other people. Give your best to listen to them and to understand them. This is the best way to improve your communication with others. And to be able to understand them, you need to have empathy.


If you want to improve your communication, you need to improve your level of empathy. You need to be able to understand the people you’re talking to. You won’t achieve anything if you’re playing ping pong with words. You can talk, but you’ll never have that level of understanding with another person. And that can be a problem in your love life, family, business, and everything else. So you want to work on your empathy first. The best way to do that is to be genuinely interested in other people. Not to act like you’re interested, because they can sense that you’re acting. Make them feel important by being interested in what they’re saying. Ask them questions so they can express themselves more. This will improve your communication much more than anything else in the world. People will feel more pleasant in your presence. They will be interested in you as well and they’ll want to spend more time with you.


Focus is very important. Without it, you won’t be able to do anything. This applies to business, study, and communication with other people. You won’t be able to improve your communication if you don’t have focus. If you don’t have focus, you won’t be able to concentrate on what the other person is saying. You won’t be able to concentrate in any situation at all. Improving your focus is one of the first things to work on. You can improve your focus by practicing meditation, doing cold showers, and so on. Many different methods can help you. The best way to find the one that works for you is to research and try them all out. This way you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. So double down on the one that works and watch how everything changes.


Discipline is the first thing on the list that will lead you to success in life. Motivation is great, but it only lasts for a while. You want to be able to keep your motivation by doing the same actions every day. This way, you’ll be more motivated every day so you can put in the work. And once that becomes a habit, you won’t need to feel motivated anymore. Your motivation will become a habit, and that will lead to discipline. You won’t even think about if you want to do something or not. You’ll have discipline and you’ll do it anyway. 


Confidence will take you far in life, just like discipline will. You may feel unpleasant if you think that you don’t have confidence. But the truth is, everyone has it. Confidence builds itself by taking action. You may not have confidence when you’re talking to your boss. But you may be confident when you’re talking to girls or when you’re playing football. Whatever it is that makes you feel confident, try to remember that feeling. You want to train your brain to know what confidence feels like. This way, you’ll be able to go for that feeling in all areas of your life. If you need to talk to your boss about the upcoming project, there’s a situation to practice. Try to remember that moment when you feel confident and try to keep that feeling. Do it as long as you can. Now get in his office with that feeling and watch how your communication changes.


You want to be able to speak in front of people. You may have the confidence to do it but you don’t know how to do it. You may even have great communication with people when you speak one on one. But you don’t know how to speak to an audience or a bigger group of people. Some people think that this is the same, but it isn’t. It’s a completely different skill. But the good news is, it’s very easy to learn. Especially if you already know how to speak to another human being. Speaking to a group of people is much easier. And if you followed our example and developed your confidence, even better. It will make your job much easier.

Presenting Yourself

Now that you know how to speak, you need to know how to present yourself well. This isn’t only a skill you need to learn if you do business. You’ll need to know how to present yourself well. This will make you look more serious and mature. Not to mention that it will make you stand out because many people don’t know how to do it. So you’ll have less competition wherever you go and whatever you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re asking someone on a date or if you’re about to give a speech. It’s one of the essential skills you should have.


Selling is a different universe by itself. If you had to choose to have only one skill to be able to make money, it’s this one. If you know how to sell, you’ll be able to do anything in life. You’ll be able to present yourself better, gain more trust, and make more friends. Your life gets better in general. It doesn’t only apply to making more money. It’s all psychology. If you know how to sell, you’ll be able to understand everything that’s happening around you. You’ll start recognizing patterns everywhere you go. From commercials to everyday communication. And that can help you to get even better at it and improve your life even more. Not to mention that your communication with other people will improve dramatically. You’ll be able to have relationships that you never thought you could have. And it will all happen because you’re starting to understand how to sell.


Another important skill that you need is marketing. Especially digital marketing. This is because the majority of people are using the internet all the time. Marketing and sales go hand in hand. If you understand sales and psychology, you’ll be very good at marketing as well. And it’s not hard to learn how to do it. You can learn everything you need for free and you can find everything on Google and YouTube. From basic psychology to the most advanced marketing funnels. You only need to have access to the internet connection and you’re good to go. The entire world of knowledge is inside your smartphone. You only need to be willing to learn and have discipline. And you already have that.

Being Able to Unlearn 

The skill that will take you furthest in life is being able to unlearn. We don’t even have a clue how many things we know are wrong. We may have got something from our parents or from our friends in school that we still believe in. Some guys still believe that women only fall in love with criminals and bad guys. They don’t see the wide picture and what’s happening behind the scenes. Because if they did, they would understand that it’s all about attitude and confidence. So they would be able to learn what they don’t know and get better at it. But it’s much easier to point a finger and blame everyone for your bad luck. Don’t be like these people. Learn how to let go of your ego and unlearn stuff that you think you know. You’ll get much further in life.

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