11 Hobbies You Should Try

Everyone needs a hobby. Even if you’re doing what you love for a living. Having a hobby besides that will make you even more fulfilled. It’s like having two cakes in the fridge. Your life becomes much sweeter and more enjoyable. You don’t mind doing any of them. And if you have more of them, even better. The more hobbies you have, the more colorful your life is. But if you don’t have one yet, don’t panic. We have a list of interesting activities that you might consider trying out.


This has been one of the most common hobbies in the last 20-30 years. Especially for teenagers and college students, but also for older people. Music makes our life more colorful and fulfills us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a singer, a DJ, or you play an instrument. There is a variety of choices. You can find a lot of different instruments and a lot of different music genres. You might even find a few of them that you’ve never heard of and you start loving them. This is what usually happens to people when they start exploring. Everyone loves music. And you’ll start loving it even more once you get involved. Start exploring and find an instrument that you like the most. Or start singing if that’s your thing. Whatever it is, it will make you feel good every time you do it. And once you start getting better at it, you’ll start meeting new people with the same interests. You’ll make new friends and you’ll enjoy music even more.


Writing is like music for some people. It has the same effect and makes them feel like they can conquer the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing poetry, an article, or a novel. If writing is your thing, your pencil is like a sword. You wouldn’t believe how many people can get turned on by the written word. Unless, of course, you’re one of them. In that case, you know what you’re talking about. Some people use writing to get everything out of their heads onto paper. This is why so many people have a diary. It’s an easy way to get rid of stress and anxiety. But it’s also a great way to improve your communication. You’ll start developing your verbal creativity and social intelligence rapidly.


If the written word is your thing, but you don’t like writing, consider reading. Reading a book is much better than watching Netflix or playing video games. Nothing against these activities as well. You should do what you feel like doing the most. But if you want to rest your mind, your eyes, and your soul, reading is the way to go. And you can always find time for reading. Even if it means reading for only 10 minutes before falling asleep at night. It’s a much better way to relax than watching television. It becomes a habit very easily. You’ll start finding more time for reading as soon as you see the benefits. Especially when you find a certain type of book that you like. You’ll start making more and more time for books.


If you’re a visual type of person, maybe design is the way to go. Some people choose to do painting, and others choose drawing or something else. There are many different activities that can make you more creative and fulfilled. But few people mention design. If they do, they talk about graphic design for business or something like that. And that’s ok as well. You can make money doing interesting creative work. But why not do it as a hobby as well? You can start with a piece of paper, scissors, glue, and some old newspapers. Get creative and have fun like you would when you were a kid. Lose track of time for a while and get the best out of it. You’ll realize very soon how fun this can be. And if you have kids, get them involved as well. They’ll love it.


Another great hobby for visual types is photography. We live in 2022, and everyone has a smartphone. That means everyone can do it. You don’t need an expensive DSLR to be able to do the work. Use what you have. Your phone probably has better functions than any DSLR did 10 years ago. And people were making millions using them. But don’t focus on making money. Focus on having fun and making cool photos that you genuinely like. Make your little gallery of photos and have fun. You don’t have to do it professionally. Unless you want to, of course. But even doing it as a hobby will make your life more colorful.


If you love spending time in nature, maybe gardening is your thing. If you love going to the park, consider making your own. If you have a backyard, you have a place to start. And if you’re living in a flat, maybe you can plant some seeds on the balcony. Having your hands in the soil fuels you with positive energy. Have you ever seen a gardener that’s not happy? Not really. It’s one of the most fulfilling activities you can have. Especially if you love plants, flowers, and nature in general. It’s not hard to start, and it’s very cheap. And you’ll see the benefits very soon. Even before your flowers start growing.


Everyone likes food. Many people also love preparing food. That may be an effect caused by many cooking shows. If that’s the case, God bless them. They made our lives better. And so does every chef on the planet. Everyone enjoys good food. It’s one of these things that makes everyone happy. And you know what else makes people happy? Preparing food. It’s not hard at all. Even if the only thing you know how to make is to boil some eggs. It’s very easy to learn. And the best way to start is to practice preparing the food that you love the most. Go to YouTube or Skillshare and find tutorials. If there are any kind of tutorials on the internet, it’s cooking. You can find whatever you like, from Asian to Brazilian food. Start watching, practice, and enjoy your meals.


If you’re someone who doesn’t like standing in one place for too long, this is for you. Start running. Get some good shoes that you find comfortable, and go. Even if you’re doing a few simple runs every week. You don’t have to do sprints. You don’t even have to practice for a marathon either. Even running by yourself and at your own pace is enough. It’s a form of meditation. It will give you more energy and make you feel more present and relaxed at the same time. This is why so many people are doing it.

Riding a Horse

If you like the idea of movement, but you don’t want to run, consider riding a horse. You’ll probably find a few places you can do this. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in the countryside or downtown. There’s always a place you can do it. It’s available almost everywhere. This is especially good if you love animals and you love spending time with them. Animals can feel it and they will make that moment even more enjoyable for you. If you love nature, you can always find a place outside of town where you can do it. Try it out. It’s not hard to learn how to do it. And there’s always someone who can teach you how to do it properly.

Group Sports

If you like sports and you like spending time with people, consider doing some group sports. Whatever that sport may be. Choose the one you love watching the most. It doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, ice hockey, or bowling. However, bowling may not necessarily be a group sport. But you need people to play with to make it more fun. Especially if you’re a person that likes doing these kinds of activities with other people. Try out a few different sports and find the one that suits you best. It’s rarely the one you thought it would be. And when you find the one you enjoy doing the most, you’ll find your tribe as well.


Another great hobby you should consider is dancing. Especially if you like music. It’s the one that will make you feel the music and feel the rhythm. Not to mention that you’ll start having a better understanding of people’s body language. You’ll start enjoying music much more. And you’ll start enjoying spending time with people who like dancing as well. It opens a brand new world for you. Whatever kind of dancing you choose. It can be Latin, Salsa, breakdance, or any other kind. The best way to choose is to think about what kind of music you like the most. You won’t choose heavy metal in that case, of course. Even if you love it. You probably listen to a few danceable genres. Or you can go to YouTube and research. You might find a specific dance you never even heard of and it turns out that’s your thing.

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