4 Places You Should Definitely Work From

When you mention remote work, people usually think of working from home. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if no one is tracking you, and your schedule is flexible. You can go wherever you want. To some people, this means freedom. They can find any kind of job enjoyable, as long as if they are not tied to one place. You don’t need to wait for vacations to travel anymore.

You can take your laptop and sit in the middle of the park. You can go around your town and find a perfect spot. Or even go to another town and explore while still having time to work. Your options are limitless. Here are a few suggestions on great places for work you should consider:


This one is a dream for most people. Working on a beach. Even the sound of that sentence will make you hear the waves in the distance. Especially if you can find a nice beach with no people around. It’s a different kind of feeling when you have the entire beach all for yourself. Having a coffee while looking at the blue horizon in the distance will make your job even more enjoyable. But don’t forget to turn airplane mode on.

The benefits of working on the beach are endless. The sound of the waves is the best cure for tinnitus. That’s the buzzing noise you would hear in your head after a loud party or a concert. Listening to the sound of the sea waves using headphones can help you reduce that noise faster. Imagine how much they can benefit you is right in front of them. And make sure to make the entire process as enjoyable as you can. Get some coconuts and chocolate. Have a coffee and orange juice. A cocktail after work. Whatever works for you. Maybe even playing some nice relaxing music in the background. 

The main idea behind this is to make the process so enjoyable that it won’t take you much time to start working. You will enjoy your work so much you wouldn’t want to stop. You will enjoy doing it, and you will do better work. Having that many options around you will give you a sense of freedom. You could make a 10-minute break and jump into the sea. Being exposed to a lot of sea salt will also make your breathing better. Not to mention being exposed to the sun and fresh air the entire day. 

Quiet Café 

One of the most favorite places of remote workers living in the city areas. Maybe because of the quiet atmosphere with nice relaxing jazz music playing in the background. Or because there is a variety of different smooth lights around the café. It’s like someone designs the interior of these places only for people to come and work here. You will probably see many people working on these spots. People love working in the café. Especially programmers. You can see how many of them post pictures on Instagram with their laptop on a coffee table. The energy of these places is on another level. It’s like the more people work, the easier it is for everyone to concentrate. 

Café owners used to hate this. They thought people are taking the spots from other guests of the café. Until they realized that remote workers are his guests every day. And they make a good profit out of them. Once this started to happen, it became a norm. All of a sudden, you would enter a café and see an entire area optimized for remote workers. Which is wonderful. Especially now that more and more people work from home. Many parents that work from home find this very handy. An easy way to find a quiet spot to finish your work without overcomplicating. 

People also seem to enjoy this. No office noise and people interrupting you all the time. No loud children’s music and cartoons playing in the background. People increased productivity and focus, and do better work. That’s why many companies don’t seem to have a problem with their employees working remotely and going to a café. If it brings them more value, you can work wherever you want.


If you like to be in a quiet space, but want more peace, maybe the café isn’t for you. Maybe you’re easily distracted by people, and don’t like having any kind of music in the background. You don’t want to risk having a group of people sitting at a table next to you to discuss the newest gossip. And that’s ok. You can have your coffee after work.

Libraries are one of the most common places people would come to study. You won’t have to deal with annoying background music or any other kind of noise. If you want silence, you can have it. So, if you don’t have your library membership yet, consider having one. You won’t regret it. You will enjoy it so much it will be worth every penny. 

One of the best things about libraries is that they already have everything that you need. Most of them have free internet access and a stable connection. They all have many tables and chairs, and you can always find a good spot to work without distraction. Some of them even have separate rooms. So, don’t be surprised when you see that many people who are already working from the library. They also look for a quiet place, and libraries are always a good choice if you need peace.

Have in mind that there are many people in the library working over the same internet. So if you need a fast internet connection, this may not be a perfect place for you. But if fast internet is not that important for your work, this can even be better for you. This way, you won’t spend time on social media, watching videos, or playing games while having a break. This way, you’ll be forced to focus on what you do, and it will become a habit.

Community Workspace

A community workspace is a place dedicated to people who need a quiet place to work. People come to these places just like they would go to a library or a café. Except these places are made for this, and they usually have everything that you would need. If a group of people needs space to work on a new project, they can go to a community workspace. Most of them will offer a private room where you can work. So if a few people are working on a project, they won’t be disturbing others.

This kind of workspace is usually not that expensive. Especially when a few people are coming together. They usually have working desks that are made for work. So you won’t have to worry if tables are too small like a coffee table would be. You will come across many places like this. They offer renting out for a few hours, a few days, or even an entire month. So, if you don’t mind a little bit of noise, this is something that could benefit you. You can work without having anyone interrupt you. It may not be as peaceful as a library, but it’s way better than working in an office.


There are many options out there. Just go out and find what suits you the best. Go outside. Maybe you will find a good spot in your local park. You would be surrounded by trees, and listening to the birds. And the big amount of green color around you will help you to reduce daily stress and feel more relaxed. You will also gain a lot of vitamin D while being outside on a sunny day.

Another good option is to go to a local university. They usually have a lot of space both indoors, and outdoors. They even have their own libraries. You will probably find many good quiet places to work in here, and no one will bother you. You can ask a few students what are some of the good spots they go to study. A lot of them would want to help you. They may even show you a good place outside the university that you would never find otherwise.

You could rent a room or an apartment on Airbnb. This one can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to spend a lot of money going to a hotel. Although a hotel lobby would be a great place to work without interruptions. You can find areas where people rent an entire place for as little as 5$ a day. Wherever you live, you can probably find something like this in your town as well. It will usually be a little bit far away from the city center. But that’s ok. We’re looking for a place to work quietly, not a perfect party spot. And while you’re there, walk around the area. You may find a nice little coffee place that you can go work the next time. 

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