Best Podcasts You Might Not Know About

Audio is the new video. We live in a golden age of podcasts, and podcasts are becoming more popular than music. People are listening to podcasts everywhere they go. They do it while they drive, work out in the gym, work around the house; you name it. We all follow a few podcasts and listen to all the episodes that they upload. A lot of us even have a playlist full of podcasts to listen to later on. It’s a magnificent world human beings have created. And we want to invite you to join us and check out a few podcasts to get started. Or if you’re already a podcast lover like we are, we have a few recommendations.

Jay Shetty Podcast

Ok, you might have heard of this one. Jay Shetty became famous because of the wisdom he shared on the internet. He’s a writer, storyteller, and a former monk. Two years ago, he published a book called Think Like a Monk. His podcast is becoming more and more popular resulting in millions of downloads. Some of his most popular guests are Novak Djokovic, Khloe Kardashian, and Kobe Bryant. But he also has many rising stars and people who are at the very beginning. And what makes it special is his approach to these people. He talks about very specific topics that many people never talk about. This helps many people who are in difficult situations in life to hear how these people made it through. This is what makes it engaging and why people continue to stick around for a long time. His fans are some of the most pleasant people you can meet. 

Aaron Doughty Podcast

Aaron Doughty is a YouTuber who helps people expand their consciousness. He recently got over a million subscribers on YouTube. He came from a tough childhood and hard situations in life. He shared his journey on his YouTube channel and helped a lot of people get through life. He managed to get through all the tough situations and documented the entire journey on YouTube. That made many people follow him daily as he was having daily uploads for years. He started talking about more complex spiritual topics that many people don’t talk about. That led him to start a podcast and have guests with similar experiences and knowledge. So if you want to go deeper and more spiritual, Aaron Doughty is the way to go. He will help you develop an understanding of what’s going on in the world.

Graham Cochrane Podcast

Graham Cochrane is a business owner and a music producer. He is mostly known for his YouTube channel called Recording Revolution. His YouTube channel was about music production and making music for a living. He helped poor and middle-class musicians to become better and more successful in music. He made a 7-figure business by helping poor musicians. That speaks a lot about having a set of skills whatever your niche is. And he shares everything he did in his podcast. From money management to mindset and more advanced business principles. He’s one of the most pleasant business people on the internet, and his voice is very relaxing. If you’re into business or you work online, make sure to check him out. His podcast is so addicting you’ll start binge-watching his episodes. But make sure to have a pen and paper while you watch. Trust us; you’re going to need them. 

The Private Victories Podcast

The Private Victories Podcast is a podcast by 21-year-old self-made millionaire Iman Gadzhi. He dropped out of high school to support his single mother and started a business. He went to six figures in less than a year. Everything else that comes after that is history. His coaching program called Grow Your Agency has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people. Private victories term stands for small everyday wins that you don’t share in public. It means focusing on yourself and not paying attention to what others are doing. Although, his podcast is not about business. But if you want his business advice, you can check out his YouTube channel. In his podcast, he talks about many areas of life and how he got through them. He talks about different diets, different approaches to spirituality, relationships, and so on. He even has a few guests that are wonderful and it’s a real pleasure listening to them. He doesn’t upload very often and there aren’t many episodes. But make sure to check him out. It will help you improve your life exponentially.

Turn Your Followers Into Clients Podcast

This is a podcast by Vanessa Lau. She’s a YouTuber that helps new coaches and entrepreneurs. She managed to grow exponentially on YouTube and gained a lot of followers. She helped a lot of people with her coaching program to start a profitable business. In her podcast, she has guests that worked with her or that were in her coaching program. She goes over many topics to help people that don’t want to work for other people anymore. And she covers a lot of topics that include roadblocks that many new business owners are facing. If you’re someone who’s starting a business, this is a perfect podcast for you. But even if you’re someone that has experience. You’ll catch up with some things that are happening in the world of online business today.

Lewis Morgan Podcast

Lewis Morgan is a co-founder of Gym Shark. He created one of the fastest-growing companies from zero. His guests are successful entrepreneurs of our age that come to share what’s possible. No one comes from a rich family and they still made it happen. This is a great way to hear their stories and what they did to succeed. Some of his guests are Reece Wabara, Tony Folly, Derek Quick, and others. They cover many topics from the stock market and crypto to e-commerce and building a brand. If you’re interested in the business and entrepreneurship of the modern age, this is the first stop. 

You Are the Rock Star

This is a podcast about music, spirituality, mindfulness, and well-being. The host of this podcast is a musician and bestselling author Alexander Woodrow. He became famous by playing bass guitar in the band Our Last Night. He later wrote a self-help book called You Are the Rock Star. In his podcast, he covers a lot of topics including mindfulness, meditation, and music. He had other YouTube musicians as guests so you can hear their stories as well. You can even find some guided breathing meditations on his YouTube channel. And they are wonderful because he understands the topic well and knows what he’s doing. So if you like topics like meditation and mindfulness, you might like to check him out first.

LJS Podcast

LJS stands for Learn Jazz Standards. It’s a podcast that helps people to have a better understanding of jazz music. And it’s not only for the musicians. It’s for all the jazz lovers in the world that want to enjoy the journey. The host of this podcast is Brent Vaartstra. He covers a lot of topics on how to listen to jazz and how to hear certain things. He has a lot of other jazz musicians as guests on his podcast as well. It’s a good podcast for you if you’re a music lover and if you want to expand your music knowledge. You’ll learn some new things and enjoy some good music along the way. And if you’re a jazz lover, it’s a perfect podcast for you, no doubt.

The Cymatics Show

The Cymatics Show is hosted by Steven and Drew, owners of the Cymatics company. Cymatics is a company that produces sample packs and software for music producers. Their podcast covers a variety of topics from music production to entrepreneurship. It’s an ideal podcast for people that want to get into the music business and music in general. But it’s also a good place for people that are genuinely interested in growing a business. They have many guests on their podcasts that are successful musicians and business owners. And it’s a good place to learn a lot of things from people that are a part of the industry. Some of their guests are Steven Slate, Curtis King, Servida, LarryOhh, and others. So if you’re doing online business, you’ll be able to hear a lot of good stuff. And if you’re a music producer, you’ll be amazed at how many good things you can learn on the podcast.

Coffee with Ola

Coffee with Ola is a video series hosted by guitarist Ola Englund. His guests are guitarists from all over the world. Some of them are successful guitarists on YouTube. Others are playing in successful rock and metal bands. So if you’re a guitarist, or if you love rock and metal music, be sure to check him out. You can find a lot of different content on his YouTube channel as well. Some of his guests are John Petrucci, Devin Townsend, Nits Strauss, and many others. All the people that are involved in the current rock and metal scene. It’s a perfect way to hear their stories as they relax with a cup of coffee.

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